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Cheryl Barker, Owner & Mike Barker, Winemaker

With a love of wine and a passion for farming, our dream to have a vineyard and winery began.






Winemaking was a family tradition; Mike learned to make wine from Cheryl's father, Riece Brown, and has continued to hone his craft.






We started planting grapes in 2005 and have expanded our vineyard several times since the initial planting.





Our name, "Stone Crest," was born out of the combination of our soil and our location on the top of the hillside. Our soil has an abundance of sandstone.





Established in 2007, our wines have grown in popularity and our wine selection has increased dramatically.






Mike is an award-winning winemaker. We offer 19 wines from dry to sweet and everything in between.








Come and sit out by the hillside waterfall and enjoy the sounds of nature while you sip a great glass of wine, or enjoy your wine in our climate-controlled indoor seating area. 

First Vineyard
The upper vineyard was added in 2007.
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