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Malbec - Dry red with dark fruit flavors...17.72        

Pinot noir  Temporarily out of stock

   Dry red with great finish...17.99


Bright and fruity dry white...13.99

Tranquility  Temporarily out of stock

Dry white that reminds us of Pinot Grigio…10.95

De Vine  

(Concord) Semi-sweet red, the fruit of the vine…13.99

gEMSTONE Temporarily out of stock

Semi-sweet rosé blend of pink Catawba…13.99

Dos Vinos 

(Blend) Semi-sweet red where two wines are blended to perfection...13.99


Sweet peach made with peach juice…13.99

Red Raspberry 

Sweet red raspberry made with red raspberry juice…17.72       


Sweet apple- crisp and light…10.95

Waterfall White 

(Niagara) Sweet White, a classic Niagara…13.99      

White Stone  Temporarily out of stock

         (Cayuga) Sweet white; very light and fruity...13.99

Red Stone

(Concord) Sweet red classic concord wine…13.99

Blue Stone  

(Blueberry and Grape) Sweet berry blend…13.99

Wine List updated as of 11/5/21

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