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Prices listed per bottle (+Tax)

Pinot noir  

   Dry red with great finish...17.99


Dry white that reminds us of Pinot Grigio…13.99

De Vine  

(Estate Grown Concord) Semi-sweet red, the fruit of the vine…13.99

gEMSTONE Temporarily out of stock

Semi-sweet rosé blend of pink Catawba…13.99

Dos Vinos 

(Blend) Semi-sweet red where two wines are blended to perfection...13.99

Peach  Temporarily out of stock

Sweet peach made with peach juice…13.99

Harvest White  

         (Estate Grown Concord) Sweet white; light and fruity...13.99

Harvest Red

(Estate Grown French American Hybrid Grapes) Sweet wine…13.99

White Stone  

         (Cayuga) Sweet white; very light and fruity...13.99

Red Stone

(Estate Grown Concord) Sweet red classic concord wine…13.99

Blue Stone  

(Blueberry and Estate Grown Grapes) Sweet berry blend…13.99

Wine List updated as of 4/2/2023

call (740) 828-WINE for further updates (Ask for Winemaker Mike)

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